Lisa Landry Childress Foundation’s full curriculum is designed to pass on key concepts about donation and transplantation. Students will be able to examine issues related to organ and tissue donation and share this knowledge.

Pass It On, Lisa Landry Childress Foundation's curriculum, was developed by education and healthcare professionals. It passes on key concepts about donation and transplantation and is supported by three award-winning videos: “Pass It On I", "Pass It On II", and “Pass It On - 4 Minute". Available in both English and Spanish versions, the curriculum can be modified based on the teacher's own needs. Call (972) 762-1505 to receive “Pass It On” educational products free of cost!

“Pass It On” Goals and Objectives
  • To present accurate information and identify the purpose of donation and transplantation
  • To help students understand the process involved in becoming a donor
  • Identify organs and tissues that can be donated and review the functions of organs in the body
  • Encourage discussing wishes regarding donation with one's family
Memorable Quotes

The following is feedback from 4th grade teachers who have incorporated the “Pass It On” curriculum in their classes.
"My students and their parents were talking about organ donation at the dinner table. The students wanted reasons if the parents didn't want to donate. And they knew the facts about donation, so the reasons had to be good ones."
- J.M., Tolbert Elementary

"We accomplished our goal in that we got the parents thinking about donation, and that is the first step and the ultimate goal of the program."
- G.T., Cuellar Elementary

"The students got excited about researching the different organs and tissues. They were passionate about the issue because we made it personal."
- P.C., Patton Elementary

Curriculum Outline
  • Teacher Overview
  • Teacher Checklist
  • Lisa's Story
  • Project Overview
  • 3 Key Lesson Plans
  • Supplemental Resources
  • Activities and Worksheets
  • Video Discussion Guides to accompany the “Pass It On” DVDs
  • Program Evaluation

And much more!

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